Factfulness (Hans Rosling) – Review

Learn to see the world as it really is!

The daily flood of horror news paints an ugly picture of the world that easily gives the impression that things are getting worse every day. Throughout his life, Hans Rosling (1948-2017) has dedicated himself to fighting the fallacies that feed this misjudgment. By recognizing the errors in our perception and in the information we consume, we can improve our decision-making. There are numerous diagrams, curves, and statistics on about 300 pages that eliminate half-knowledge and perceived truths.

When asked simple questions about global trends, we systematically get the answers so wrong that chimpanzees choosing answers randomly will consistently outguess journalists, investment bankers, and experts. The book shows you ten instincts that keep us from seeing the world factfully and how we can overcome them. For example the fear instinct (we pay more attention to scary things), the size instinct (single numbers often look more impressive than they are), or the gap instinct (most people fall between two extremes).

One of the most important books I have ever read!
Those who gather fact-based information get along better, are less stressed and have a better idea of ​​where the great opportunities of the future can be found. Reading this book will change your worldview.

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