Electrosmog: Human-Induced Invisible Danger?

Electrosmog is artificial, human-induced, electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields. These are suspected of harming humans, animals, and plants and it can be seen as a form of pollution. Cellular Transmitters, WiFi, and cell phones, for example, emit electromagnetic radiation to which we are exposed outdoors and indoors. In addition, there are also low-frequency fields that arise from high-voltage lines, electrical appliances, cables, traffic, and industry and are also omnipresent. Wireless internet and data transmission are coming with the people because of the enormous growth rates previous procedures to their limits. With the expansion of the 5G network, the increase is increasing in high-frequency electromagnetic fields. But how harmful are these really for all kinds of life forms?

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High-frequency fields compared to low-frequency fields

In the electromagnetic spectrum, the high-frequency electromagnetic fields are in the frequency range between about 100 kHz and 300 GHz. Low-frequency electromagnetic radiation ranges between approximately 1 Hz and 9 kHz.

Effects on humans, animals, and plants

Many studies prove the connection between electromagnetic radiation and diseases in humans, animals, and plants. Regulations on health protection for the population mainly relate to protection against thermal effects from high-frequency radiation. Effects such as warming up body tissue, influencing brain waves and blood flow to the brain, destabilization of genetic information, impairment of sperm quality, as well as oxidative cell stress. In addition, there is a possible connection between the development of tumors, in particular from cell phones, which has been confirmed in animal experiments.

Many people are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields and can feel their influence. In insects, birds, and bats, the sense of direction can be impaired and cell dysfunction and growth changes can also be measured in plants.

What can you do about it?

It is difficult to protect yourself. Most effective is probably the choice of a low-radiation place of residence, or consciously reducing the use of receiver and transmitter devices for personal use. There are wallpapers and walls made of conductive composite materials that can shield electromagnetic radiation. Calls and Internet browsing in these rooms, but the shielding effect increases the transmission power of the device because it tries with all its might to establish a connection. This increases the intensity of the radiation on the device, which can accelerate the discharge of the battery and increase radiation exposure. That would have exactly the opposite of the desired effect. It is better to declare that room to be a cell phone & WiFi-free zone.

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Since we spend a lot of time in our bedroom and electrosmog can also disturb sleep, it makes sense to ban electrical devices or switch them off completely. Above all, the mobile phone and the WiFi router should be in a different room or switched off at night, or possibly also be in flight mode on the mobile phone.


Even if we cannot live without modern technologies and the associated electromagnetic radiation, it is important to be aware of their influence. Everyone can protect themselves against it to a certain extent through more conscious use to gain a little more quality of life. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family.

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